Our story

Our Mission:  Classic Contemporary Fragrances inspired by African heritage, art, and beauty.
Creating fragrances that will leave an alluring, magical and memorable trail. Fragrances that not only make you unique but entice those around you. We aim to give our customers an unforgettable presence. An innovative aroma for individuals who aren’t afraid to explore. What we sell is more just than a fragrance it is an experience. Our main mission is to give a different point of view to the consumer. Empiria Fragrances is a niche fragrance house that is synonymous with beauty, femininity, spirituality, and adventure. Drenched in glamour and sublime, we celebrate femininity and beauty through intoxicating fragrances. Original scents that are completely unique from what is mass marketed. Our philosophy is to create high-quality fragrances that uplift, celebrate and empower us.

Our muse: Our inspiration for Empiria’s first fragrance is none other than the most adored orisha Oshun. According to ancient Yoruba myths, it is said it was her sweet and fertile waters that brought life back into humanity. She brought forth her sweet powerful waters, bringing life back to humanity and other species into existence. Oshun has also been described as a maintainer of spiritual balance and mother of sweet things. Only when respected and properly invoked does she hold the keys to a world of wonders.